Discover more of Namibia

If you want to explore Namibia after your hunting trip, we will be able to assist you so that you can have the best holiday of your life.

You will have two options. The first option will be with a touring group and the second option would be a self drive option. We recommend the self-drive option as you would be able to see all the hidden gems that Namibia can offer.

Day Trips and Excursions From Lindenhof Farm

Our close proximity to Windhoek allow for day trips to the countries capital.

Windhoek City and Township Cultural Tour

The tour includes visits to the Christuskirche, Parliament Gardens, Oshetu Community Market in the Katutura Township and the Penduka Village. The tour gives you opportunity to learn some of our history, see how 50% of Namibians live and even sample some local delicacies like Mopani Worms.

Visit the Namibia Craft Center and Street Vendors

This will be your opportunity to view and purchase local arts and crafts from the local communities. These make great gifts and souvenirs to take back home.

Visit the National Botanical Garden of Namibia

This is a really pleasant walk in harsh terrain. A great deal of effort has been into this showcase of Namibian Flora, with lots of information.

Namibian Beer Tasting and Brewery Visit, with lunch at the iconic Joe’s Beer House

Visit the Namibian Breweries for a 60 minute tour, sample local made beer at 3 bars in the Township and finish the trip off with a scrumptious lunch at the Iconic Joe’s Beer Garden.

Relax at a local Day Spa

We have amazing tailor made packages available for our guests, we can also combine this relaxing experience with one of the other activities in Windhoek.

Visit the Harnas Wildlife Foundation

Experience the Wildlife Welfare World of Harnas. Here special people take care of special animals, from orphans to sick or injured animals. Have coffee with the lions and hear the amazing sounds of the African Wild dog. See a number of species op close and personal.